Northern Berkshire RECONNECT


Project RECONNECT (PR) offers a daytime drop in center where at risk young adults and vulnerable peoples can a) explore their options and strategies before dropping out of school or as soon as possible thereafter; b) receive vocational orientation and work preparation skills, c) receive mentoring and career counseling from qualified professionals, d) pursue GED instruction, and be presented seminars by BCC on how to connect to college. This mission of the drop in center is to connect youth to community and to create an ongoing dialogue that teaches situational leadership and critical thinking skills.

Holistic case management and mentoring services are offered to all people who participate in RECONNECT activities and/or programming. PR clients will work with the counselors to develop a service plan called an Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) that identifies strategies, goals and objectives that are specific to each individual’s needs. Counselors will provide mentoring as well as educational and job search, securement and retention assistance.  As goals are met and participating individuals are connecting with vocational and educational opportunities, staff will assist in transitioning clients toward self- sufficiency. PR staff will make appropriate referrals to employers, training programs, social service agencies and schools to ensure there is a sufficient network of support in place for the individual to succeed. Clients will be oriented to follow up services with PR staff for the long term, including having the invitation to try alternate strategies when previous ones have not met with success. Project RECONNECT staff will schedule appointments with youth to provide follow up service coordination prior to exiting the program.

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