Summer Events

Children’s adventure: During the summer, thanks to the generous donations of area businesses, BCAC will be taking children from the area homeless shelters and/or other designated places who would otherwise be unable to enjoy a day at 6 Flags

 Garden Program:  The Freedom Garden Project is a unique strategy to fight against rural food insecurity while increasing the self sufficiency of low-income households and communities. These goals are accomplished by marketing compact garden beds, including soil and vegetable starts, which convert into a greenhouse during the cooler months, to higher income residents. Built into the cost of each bed is the cost for another bed, which will be donated to a low-income family in Berkshire County. Low-income residents will receive technical support with their beds throughout the season. When a low-income household bed enters the second season, that household is expected to act as a mentor to new bed owners in their neighborhood. Through this program it is expected that residents will gain greater access to fresh food, increase in overall health, and learn basic vegetable propagation skills. 

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