BCAC Transportation

BCAC. Increases mobility and accessibility, and removes barriers to self-sufficiency by offering community transportation and mobility management services throughout the Berkshires.  Our services include:

  • maintaining vans for hire and qualified drivers for agency, organization, or individual transport to destinations in and out of the county including outside of Massachusetts
  • helping individuals to use transit as a step toward independence through group and individualized travel instruction (cost is $50.00 per hour of driving time and $20.00 per hour wait time)
  • working to find sustainable solutions to transportation challenges in our area and throughout the Commonwealth
  • Arrangements can also be made to rent the vehicles at $25.00 per hour or $175.00 per day, provided that your drivers are adequately trained and screened and you can provide BCAC with a certificate of insurance from your carrier.

Contact information:

(413) 418-3683

and leave a detailed message for a quick response.
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