Weatherization (WZN)


Since 1979, BCAC has weatherized over 7,000 homes in Berkshire County with the  Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). This program, paid for with a combination of Federal and Utility Company funding, is designed to save our customers heating dollars by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes and apartments. BCAC provides a complete technical analysis of the property and a prioritized scope of work. Qualified contractors are then given a work order to perform the permanent weatherization work to high standards. Eligible work includes insulation for attics, walls, floors, and heating system pipes or ducts. Also eligible are weather-stripping, air sealing, and minor repairs related to saving energy. In some cases, heating systems are repaired or replaced through BCAC’s heating service program. All work is typically performed without cost to the homeowner or tenant.

The program is available to most people who are eligible for the Federal Fuel Assistance program. All qualified Fuel Assistance applicants are automatically referred for an energy assessment after their application has been approved. Priority is given to households with elderly or handicapped individuals and with children aged 6 or less and “high energy users”.

Electricity savings programs are also available to qualified households. Measures may include installing higher efficiency light bulbs and replacing energy glutton refrigerators or freezers.

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